New to care ?

You might think you're new to care but you might have already been caring without realising!

Do you look after a loved one regularly?

Do you help a neighbour with their shopping?

Have you helped a sibling when they had an injury? 

Are you empathetic, reliable, patient and overall a caring person?

If these sound like you, you could be perfect for a career in care. The most important part of social care is to care. 

There isn’t a set person who is fit to care. Care work fits people from all walks of life. Care is a role to take for school leavers, experiencing a change of careers, volunteer roles and part time employment. Care work is individual to everybody with your core values being the fundamental area when looking for employment. 
Beginning a role in care can happen from all walks of life; the role in care can fit many individual’s lifestyles and can be a perfect opportunity for many people. Care is a role that the staff are proud to be a part of and can shout about the amazing change they make to people’s lives. 

Are you considering a role in care? Are you unsure of your own qualities?

Try these quizzes and assess whether you believe that a career in care is for you: 

Could You Care

If you're a kind, compassionate person who'd like to make a difference to people's lives, then social care could be the right career for you.

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What does a care career look like?

What does a care career look like?  Take this interactive quiz to find out

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