Adult Social Care Needs You!

Even though the original campaign was due to finish in January, in light of the current situation, ‘Care for others. Make a difference’, seemed even more vital than before having been relaunched last month to further promote this industry, the amazing staff that are currently working in it and the new staff they now need to support it.

Throughout England there are approximately 122,000 care vacancies at any one time and at Care in Lincs, we want to improve this rate by helping to fill as many care roles as possible in Lincolnshire.

We do this by supporting candidates and care providers throughout the whole recruitment process.

As Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England, says “There are thousands of people who are kind, skilled and dedicated and who have the necessary values and qualities to become part of the social care workforce.”

We know there are plenty of eligible people who with the right support could do amazing things for this sector, whether that’s doing household chores, popping to the shops, supporting those recovering from an illness or helping someone to regain their quality of life, there has never been a better time to join this line of work.

Work that is not only there to pay the bills, but work which is rewarding and transforms people’s lives daily.

But, despite the 1.49 million people who currently work in adult social care, the Coronavirus outbreak has put additional pressure on this vital industry.

Luckily, thousands of people who have already put themselves forward to volunteer, including those who were previously retired from the profession.

But the hard work does not stop there. The aim is to recruit for a further 580,000 job roles by 2035.

So, do you have the right skills to help?

At The heart of it, this sector needs people who have respect and willingness to care for others, who will listen and support their needs with warmth, kindness, and honesty.

And of course, good English, numeracy, and digital skills, with attention to detail and the ability to work hard as part of a team environment.

What is great about this sector is the flexibility that it offers. It can be done Full-time, Part-time, or even around your studies.

If anyone thinks they would be suitable for a role in Adult Social Care, do not be afraid to pursue it! 

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