Senior Night Nurse


Nursing Roles


HEEHT 04/08/2022

Contract Type



£18.72 Per Hour




PE12 8AQ


Holbeach and East Elloe Hospital Trust

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Negotiation available to hourly rate.

Nurse Job Description



  • Provide care to patients and residents based on their care plan
  • Accurately monitor and record observations on patients' conditions and give an accurate handover at the end of your shift.
  • Pass a medication assessment during your induction period.
  • Maintain accurate maintain records of residents’ care and medication administration
  • Identify care planning needs and write and maintain the care plan in a person centred way, ensuring that any changes to the plan that are required are documented at the time the need changes.
  • Carry out risk assessment and incorporate them into the care plan.
  • Record patients' vital signs and medical information
  • Re-evaluate patient care plan as conditions change
  • Consult and coordinate with other healthcare professionals
  • Direct or supervise less experienced nursing staff
  • Monitor patients' diet.
  • Liaise with Deputy Manager who manages stocks of permanent resident’s medication. Ensure she is made aware of any medication changes to enable her to amend the order sheets. The Nurse will be responsible for ordering of medication for Residents who occupy the short term ‘GP’ and re-ablement beds.
  • To check and countersign the printed monthly medication charts.
  • Ensure that any medication received is signed as received noting the date and the amount before being stored in the specific named storage box. All stock needs to be rotated to ensure stock does not exceed it’s expiry date.
  • Ensure storage and disposal of medication is carried out according to policy
  • Assist with the investigation of complaints by patients or family members
  • Report any issues that arose during each shift
  • Maintain your P.I.N., completing revalidation when required.
  • Do not declare on any social media platform where you work or give information out on any social media platform that insinuates where you are employed.
  • Comply with GDPR
  • Comply with the supervision and appraisal policy.
  • Be aware of the need to make effective use of available resources within the hospital.
  • Undertake any other duties that may be reasonably required by management.
  • Make yourself aware of the current policies for Holbeach Hospital.


This job description is not exhaustive, and employees are required to be flexible in order to meet the needs of the service, which may change at short notice. Any permanent amendments to this job description will be made with the post holder.

In addition to the current duties of a qualified Nurse.


  • The Senior Night Nurse will be responsible for maintaining a high standard of care and care continuity during the night shift and draw any deficiencies to the Manager.
  • Support Management initiatives and promote adherence to current policies and procedures. Be aware and actively involved with the formal disciplinary procedures of the night staff as necessary.
  • Liaising with the Manager and Deputy manager in the Manager’s absence.
  • Promote teamwork acknowledging carer’s strengths and weakness in order to enable carers to feel valued and empowered.
  • Zero tolerance to antisocial, disrespectful and bullying behaviours which are reportable to the Manager, employing the whistleblowing policy if indicated.
  • Provide a credible role model for all staff.
  • Completing the work rota for night staff, accurately recording Annual Leave, sickness and unauthorised absences. Liaising with the Manager.
  • Completing the time cards each week for the night staff.
  • Assessment of Trained Night Nurse competencies highlighting NMC responsibilities and accountability requirements.
  • Be up to date with revalidation and have a positive attitude to training.
  • Be able to use the computer to email and perform simple tasks such scanning and sending referrals, medication orders. verification of death.
  • Be involved with staff meetings as appropriate.
  • Adherence to Fire and Health and Safety Legislation.
  • Actively ensure that regular supervision and appraisals are undertaken as per policy.


This job description is not exhaustive, and employees are required to be flexible to meet the ever-changing needs of our residents and is therefore open to amendment.